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Raspberry cultivars

  • One of the oldest cultivars of black raspberry, still grown on a large scale.
  • Boasts upright growth and dense compact habit.
  • Gives firm, large, good quality berries which are easy to pick without bleeding; they ripen in July and are very good for preserves, jellies and freezing.
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Erika PBR
  • Yields crop on annual shoots.
  • Bears big berries, which on average weigh 5.4 g, light red, almost slightly orange in colour which lasts long after harvesting; boast excellent, fresh and fruity flavour; its fruit is firm, long-lasting (good for long-keeping) and easy to harvest; yields high crop.
  • Belongs to the variety of raspberry which can repeat its fruit bearing.
  • Totally cold hardy.
  • Protected variety (EU PVR No 30127).
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  • Bred in The Fruit Experiment Station in Brzezna, Poland. The oldest polish cultivar.
  • Many stiff canes, not bending dawn (can be grown without trailers), 1.5 m high, vestigial thorns.
  • Bears fruits mainly on this years sprouts. Cone-shaped, big fruits, red and shiny, compact, very tasty. Desert cultivar, also for preserves (especially for jam).
  • The beginning of harvesting time in the second week of August (about 10 days after ‘Polka’) and lasts till first Frost (even till November). High yield.
  • Low susceptibility to grey mould and anthracnose.
  • Temperature under -20°C damage flower buds.
  • Cultivar protected in Poland, COBORU, February 13, 1991, register number S 218.
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Polka PBR
  • One of the best polish primocane cultivars, bred in The Fruit Experiment Station in Brzezna, Poland.
  • Medium growth, 1,8 m high. Rather big thorns.
  • Middle size fruits, firm, compact, tasty, cone-shaped, red colour, shiny. Suitable for mechanical harvesting and for transportation. Desert cultivar, fruits for freezing and also for preserves.
  • Recommended for cultivation under tunnels.
  • Low susceptibility to grey mould and anthracnose.
  • Hardly ever sprouts can be damaged by frost.
  • Cultivar protected in Poland, COBORU, January 24, 2003, register number S 453. CPVO - Application & Right granted File No. 20020007.
available: in plugtrays M-40 from IX 2018

Tulameen (Туламин)
  • Bred in Canada, late summer fruiting raspberry with large fruits.
  • Vigorous grower, develops long sparsely thorned canes (up to 120 or even 180cm in length).
  • Yields large (approximately 7g) elongated berries with meaty and compact pulp, which are shiny intense red in hue and extremely tasty; can be enjoyed raw but also transport tolerant, they boast long shelf life and are good for deep freezing and juices.
  • Bears fruits on biennial canes, gives high crops.
  • Resistant to fungal diseases, moderately susceptible to dying out of sprouts and little susceptible to fruit decay.
available: in plugtrays M-40 from VII 2018

Updated on: 2018-07-19

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