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On our offer we have a dozen patented and protected plant varieties which are sold pursuant to bilateral agreements with their breeders, specifying their propagation and distribution conditions.

1. The following rhododendron: R. George SandPBR (No OO1752) – bred by Dr. Piotr Muras, and registered in the Register of Original Plant Varieties and protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) – have been on our offer since autumn 2013.

2. In 2012, we signed the sublicence agreement with Sadowniczy Zakład Doświadczalny Instytutu Ogrodnictwa Brzezna Sp. z o.o. [Brzena Ltd. - Fruit-farming Experimental Farm of the Institute of Horticulture] for propagation and distribution of the following raspberries: PolkaPBR (No. O S41), RadziejowaPBR (No. O S219), SokolicaPBR (No. O S220) and the following varieties of blackberries: PolarPBR (No.O S203) and BrzezinaPBR (No. O S240).

3. Since 07.01.2013 we have had on our offer KazPliszkaPBR (No OS 244), a new variety of a protected highbush blueberry grown by late Dr. Kazimierz Pliszka.

4. In February 2013, we signed the agreement with Hargreaves Plants Limited for propagation and distribution of the following raspberries: ErikaPBR (EU PVR No 30127), TamdorPBR (EU PVR No 21935).

5. Since autumn 2012, pursuant to the agreement signed with Mosterman Plants Inc., we have been entitled to propagate and distribute the following protected varieties of Kamchatka blueberry: Aurora (No 12-7637), Honeybee (No 11-7265) and Indigo Gem, Boreal Beauty, Boreal Beast, Boreal Blizzard.

6. Pursuant to the agreement signed with FGUP Bakcharskoye Rosselhozakademii (2014), we have been entitled to distribute and propagate the following excellent Kamchatka blueberries: Jugana, Sinij Utes, Sybiraczka,  Vostorg.

Updated on: 2018-02-16

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